Looking for a place to create some romantic memories with your loved one? Come and check out the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Center is known as a great place for guests to learn about different islands’ cultures, and for it’s many fantastic activities for the entire family. But this articles provides you 5 Romantic Activities for Couples, all included with your admission to our Islands Experience. 


1. Play an Ancient Game 

Photo of Aotearoa employees showcasing how to play an ancient game called Tititorea or Aotearoa Titi to guests at PCC. One of the 5 romantic activities for couples.

Tititorea, an ancient Maori game play with wooden sticks called titi. Come and try out the Titi game at the Aotearoa Village.

Aotearoa Titi is a stick game that consists of at least 2 people simultaneously tossing sticks back and forth to each other without dropping them. This activity was used to develop good hand and eye coordination. It is also a fun test of communication and interaction for our lovebirds, since a relationship is about teamwork, requiring effort from both people. 


2. Learn a Love Song 

Photo of a couple learning to play ukulele and sing a love song at Hawaiian Mission Settlement home. One of the 5 romantic activities for couples

Learn how to play ukulele and sing a love song at the Hawaiian Mission Settlement home.

Ukulele Lessons are provided at both the Hawaiian Mission Settlement home at the Polynesian Cultural Center and our expansive Ukulele Experience Gallery. Simple fingering instructions and a beginner chart will help you to easily pick up a love song. Imagine singing along with your true love while strumming the romantic melody on one of the most popular and easiest instruments around. Love is definitely in the air with this activity. 


3. Make a Gift for Each Other 

photo of hand wearing kukui nut bracelet

Make a kukui nut bracelet for each other at the Tonga Village. 

Kukui Nut Bracelet Kukui means light or torch. The kukui nut (candlenut) tree is the state tree in Hawaii. It symbolizes protection, peace, enlightenment and guidance. It is traditional here on the islands for  couples to exchange kukui nut bracelets during their wedding ceremony. Keep tradition and romance alive by going to the Polynesian Treasures kiosk at the Tongan Village. There you will find the supplies to make your own, customized kukui nut bracelet for the sunshine in your life. 

Photo of a guest with a big smile showing off her coconut leaf fish. Fish all weaved from the coconut leaf and stick. One of the 5 romantic activities for couples

Weave a fish for each other at the Samoa Village using a coconut leaf. 

Woven Coconut Leaf Fish – In the Samoan Village, you can learn how to weave coconut leaves together to craft an adorable fish. Abundant sea life is one of the main resources of our Pacific islands. Let this endearing fish deliver love messages to one another in this fun activity. 


4. Recall the Sweet Moments 

photo of couple performing a traditional Tahitian Wedding ceremony at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Recall the sweet moments in the Tahitian wedding ceremony.

Witness together a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony at the Tahiti Village.

Our traditional Tahitian Wedding Ceremony provides an immersive experience for guests showcasing the beautiful traditions of our reenacted ancient Tahitian Wedding Ceremony. Come stand as witnesses as our beautiful island couple shares traditional wedding vows in an unexpected yet heart-touching way. This lovely scene will likely bring back cherished memories of your courtship and just maybe inspire you to join in to share the same vows of love and devotion. 


5. Escape the Crowd 

Photo of a couple and PCC employee enjoying paddling a canoe on the lagoon that flows in the Center. One of the 5 romantic activities for couples

Try out the Tonga Village canoe paddling to escape the crowd and test out your paddling skills. For sure, you’ll both enjoy it!

Take a voyage across our beautiful lagoon in a traditional double-hulled canoe, found in our Tongan Village. This unique activity creates a space that separates you from the crowd, allowing you to slow down, feel the tropical breeze and enjoy some small talk while drinking in the beauty of our stunning 42 acre paradise. Our experienced Polynesian voyager will quietly steer your canoe as you learn the ancient skill of synchronized paddle strokes. Can’t you just picture it? Romance guaranteed! 


Feel the love with a romantic dinner and show 

photo portray of our beloved Queen Liliuokalani with beautiful performers at Alii Luau in Polynesian Cultural Center

Be inspired by our traditional Alii Luau Onipaa featuring the beautiful stories of our beloved Queen Liliuokalani through her own words, songs and original compositions. Indulge in our delicious Hawaiian menu and watch our captivating live entertainment.

Depending on your ticket package, you can also look forward to an exciting traditional luau featuring the beautiful story of Queen Liliuokalani, our last reigning royal of Hawaii who also composed the beautiful song “Aloha Oe” as a tribute to her true love or an amazing dinner at the Gateway Buffet, inside of a beautiful dining facility featuring a stunning 360o mural showcasing the Aloha spirit of the islands.

photo of a beautiful couple wearing Aloha attires dining in our Gateway Buffet at the Center. A romance dinner!

Enjoy a dinner at Gateway Buffet, our most popular dinner package. And even romantic with the food and live music!

End your romantic adventure attending our spectacular evening show, HA: breath of life which features the beautiful love story of Mana and Lani, whose love carried them through trial, adventure and the beauty of the islands. Feel the aloha in this exhilarating tale filled with dance, song, culture and fire!

photo of Mana and his dearest love Lani, the stars of the Ha:breath of life show at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, Oahu.

When there’s fire, there’s love! Mana and his dearest love Lani, the stars of the famous Ha: breath of life show.

Fan the flames of love, at the Polynesian Cultural Center!



Bio of Zhanwei Ou (Jovy), Brigham Young University – Hawaii student and Guest Blogger

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