We hope you enjoy this article regarding the Aloha Spirit by Guest Blogger and recent BYU-Hawaii graduate, Makaiah Gorham.

The Polynesian Cultural Center indeed serves as a place to help people find the spirit of Polynesia, the spirit of family, and the spirit of Aloha.”  (Jerry Chiang)

Aloha is Life!

Aloha! And welcome to the most beautiful place on earth. Hawai`i, especially the North Shore, is known for its paradisiacal environment, but the best part of Hawai`i is the spirit of Aloha. It’s been said that “In order to experience the total paradise of the island, one must experience two things: the spirit of Aloha and the spirit of Ohana.” Here in Hawai`i, awakening your Aloha will awaken you to your surroundings, culture, and a more fulfilling life. Aloha, more than a catchphrase, is a way of life…

sunrise on hukilau by Nina Jones

There is nothing like sunrise along a Hawai`ian beach

The Sprit of Aloha is in the Air 

Aloha for me is found in the fresh ocean breeze. I feel blessed waking up every morning to salty, breezy air. Did you know that “The iodine, salt, and magnesium present in sea air can reduce the symptoms of asthma, promote respiratory health, improve allergies and skin problems, and stimulate the immune system?”

Nature has awakened me through the breeze of salty sea air.


photo of red ginger

The plants and flowers across Hawai`i are diverse and unique

The Spirit of Aloha is in the Earth

The paradise of Hawai`i awakens every traveler. Lacey Westphal wrote “From breathtaking waterfalls, sprawling forests, and rugged mountain ranges, the island of O`ahu is home to breathtaking natural scenery and well-kept hiking trails.” Finding aloha is easier here because of how well Hawaiian’s preserved their nature resources.

6 Polynesian cultures represented at the Polynesian Cultural Center

There are six Polynesian cultures represented at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Sharing Aloha at the Polynesian Cultural Center 

Nature is usually why people visit Hawaii, but they go home in awe because of the culture which is best found at the Polynesian Culture Center. “The Polynesian Cultural Center indeed serves as a place to help people find the spirit of Polynesia, the spirit of family, and the spirit of Aloha.” 

ote'a dance

Guests can participate in various activities in our Polynesian villages, including learning the ote’a, the fast, hip shaking dance of Tahiti

Visit Aloha 

At the Center, our guests are given the opportunity to visit recreated island villages of six Polynesian nations, Hawai`i, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga. Each village provides activities, tours, and architectural examples unique to that culture. Presentations provide a glimpse into the music, dance, and heart of the people. Hands-on activities allow you to learn how to twirl a fireknife, prepare food, fish, dance the hula, and so much more. And most importantly, you get the opportunity to meet citizens from each country proudly sharing their culture. 

greeters in muumuu at the entrance to Gateway Buffet

The Gateway Buffet is one of the excellent choices for dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Taste Aloha

Food is a central part of Polynesia, and whether you attend the Ali`i Luau, eat at our spectacular Gateway Buffet, or grab a bite at one of the many island-themed food trucks/kiosks in the Hukilau Marketplace, you will experience a unique cuisine based on fresh food from both sea and earth. 

women carrying lighted coconut shells HA Breath of Life

HĀ: Breath of Life is a vibrant journey through the beautiful Polynesian culture

Feel Aloha

After an amazing day, our guests are invited to end their experience attending the spectacular a night show is performed. HĀ: Breath of Life, which This presentation will truly open your eyes to a unique culture found in the isles of Polynesia. 

As the website GoHawaii.com states, it is “A story of passion ignited by fire, song, and dance. HĀ: Breath of Life is a symbolic story of birth and death, love and family, triumph, and tragedy, punctuated by Polynesian dance, music, and blazing fire knives. Told by a cast of over 100 young Polynesian performers, this emotional and energetic performance will truly take your breath away!” 

tongan canoe with guests

Whether by our guided tour canoe which seats 36 people, or aboard this 4 man canoe that guests can paddle along on their own power, our extensive lagoon is ready for you!

Be awakened to the culture of Aloha

Carolann of the site “Finding Ithica”, who lived in Hawai`i for a number of years, said “Hawai`i taught me how to appreciate the simple things.  Sunrises. The sound of the ocean. Fresh fruit. A cup of coffee with a friend. The things I loved most about Hawai`i turned out to be life’s simplest things. Even though I don’t live in Hawai`i anymore, I find myself looking for and appreciating the small, simple things in life more than ever.” 

Awakening your Aloha will be the best part of your trip to Hawai`i.

Makaiah Gorman guest blogger


BIO: Makaiah Gorham is currently a 24-year-old student at Brigham Young University-Hawai`i studying International Logistics and Supply Chain and minoring in Chinese. He is Canadian born and has spent several years in America and the Philippines. When Makaiah is not at school you’ll find him in different countries, surfing, or striking up a friendly conversation.