As soon as you step into the island of O‘ahu, you will captivated by the beauty of its fascinating views. When you pay more attention to the surroundings, you will feel the wind pushing you and the birds humming above you. It seems like everything is trying to take you somewhere to explore the secrets of this island. One of the spots you must visit if you are looking for breathtaking landscaping, architecture and a meandering lagoon that takes up the entire 42 acres is at the Polynesian Cultural Center. However, the beauty of the blues and greens cannot even exceed the spirit of diversity in the Center. 


photo of canoe trip with guests and canoe pusher at Polynesian Cultural Center. The secret behind each student performer.

Canoe trip at Polynesian Cultural Center

The secrets behind each student performer 

As a student at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, I was able to get to know the performers at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Each of them represents their countries and the uniqueness of their cultural backgrounds. People may see their outstanding performances, but they cannot easily observe the spirit they bring into their routines. Every student who works as a dancer at the Center has to spend extra time honing their skills for their dances after completing their daily schoolwork, bringing the best experience to the visitors. The effort they put in to show their cultures, the sweat, blood, and tears they shed for each movement, and the enthusiasm and love they exhibit for their cultures make the Center more cheerful for those who visit. 


photo of Maori village performers. Different positions, but the same purpose.

Maori village performers

Different positions, but the same purpose  

Other than the dancers, you may notice that each of the staff at the Center also exhibits the spirit of diversity from the restaurants and stores. I was lucky enough to work atGateway Buffet and to contribute to the spirit of diversity. When I was working there, I was always excited to serve my customers, bring happiness and make sure they enjoyed their meals. I knew that this was not only an opportunity to eat some great island food, but also to and rest well from their adventurous day walking around the Center and reflect on all they had seen so far. 


photo of guests taking a picture with Tongan village performers in front of Tonga village sign. A great example showcasing the love for our Ohana to all guests visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center.

There are many opportunities to interact with workers from various cultures

The love for our ‘Ohana

As you jump from one island village to another, you will feel discover that even though the staff came from different cultures across the glove, that they all share something in common: love. They all love each other like a family. Their love is not just jumping from one palm tree to another palm tree or canoeing around the Center. Their love is spreading all over the Polynesian Cultural Center. We hope you have the opportunity to feel that special Aloha during your visit through our smiles, our conversations and our cheerful sevice. It is part of the spirit of diversity and is what makes the Center so charming. 


Kaiwen Cheng, author of "Celebrate the spirit of diversity here at the Polynesian Cultural Center blog.Bio of Kaiwen Cheng, Brigham Young University – Hawaii student and Guest Blogger

Kaiwen is from China. He is enthusiastic about writing and talking with people that are from all over the world.