Read all about Maui, one of the most recognized demi-gods throughout the cultures of Polynesia. This is because his tales traveled with the early Polynesian explorers as they moved from island nation to island nation. We at the Polynesian Cultural Center hope you enjoy hearing the ancient story of how the Hawaiian islands came to be.

The tale of Maui-a-kalana, a hero in Hawaiian culture, is well known throughout the islands. Maui was the youngest of ‘Akalana and Hina’s four sons.

Maui was blessed with a quick wit, a mischievous nature, and a magic makau, or fish-hook. Some say Maui was not an accomplished fisherman but he always found ways to capture the fishes from his brother’s lines before they were pulled into the boat.

One day, during a fishing trip with his brothers, Maui hooked the ocean floor by mistake. He told his brothers that he had caught a great fish and needed them to row with all their might. They paddled so intensely that they lifted the great islands of Hawaii up from the depths of the seas.

Maui was not pleased that the islands were separated in the ocean, so he decided to draw them together. Unfortunately, he pulled too tight with his fishing line, breaking off pieces of land at the small western island of Kaula and the big eastern island of Hawaii.



The Polynesian Cultural Center invites you to view our afternoon presentation, HUKI: A Canoe Celebration, held daily at 2:20 pm along our beautiful lagoon, where you will learn more about Maui and Earth Mother, along with the beautiful story of how the Polynesian Cultural Center began. (Please note: The Polynesian Cultural Center looks forward to reopening as soon as the COVID-19 quarantine is lifted. Please stay tuned.)