Coming this summer to the Polynesian Cultural Center – a grand new canoe celebration sure to both inspire and entertain. Huki: One ‘ohana sharing aloha will tell the story of how this magical corner of the world has become the showcase of our beautiful Polynesian culture.

Huki is unique not only in the tale it shares, but in how it is presented. Live musicians set the tone while native performers present our epic story while dancing on large double hulled canoes upon a picturesque lagoon.

The new show is powered by a rich cinematic sound system in high-definition surround sound. Drawing on the authentic traditions of ancient drumming and chanting, the music includes classic island favorites and memorable contemporary songs that our guests will remember for years to come. They will also enjoy the expanded seating, and be impressed by the extra large doubled hulled performance canoes built right here at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Our Costume Department is also busily creating elaborate costumes ranging from historical to fantastical, making this production a feast for both the eyes and ears.

The story begins, as tradition holds, with the great demigod, Maui –who founded the Polynesian nations of Hawaii, Aotearoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga and Samoa as he explored the vast Pacific.

Throughout the centuries the people of these cultures took the traditions given to them from their ancestors and created a legacy that they cast out across the seas, binding thousands of hearts together through love, service, courage and example.

Huki shows how, through this tradition, the little town of Laie created a community that drew these Polynesian cultures back together, and laid the groundwork for building the Polynesian Cultural Center – which today shares the majestic Polynesian legacy with millions of visitors from across the globe.

The excitement is building as we place the final touches on this new and exciting presentation. The story, the music, the performances and the venue are fantastic! We promise to keep you updated, so check back often!

Collage of pictures from the upcoming HUKI Canoe Pageant at the Polynesian Cultural Center