According to  Teara, The Encyclopedia of New Zealand, “…the staple takeaway meal in New Zealand, fish and chips, has been popular for decades. The fish is usually elephant fish, blue warehou, red cod, or shark species. They are sold generically as ‘fish’ on the menu. Many shops also offer other species such as blue cod, and these fillets command a premium.” 

 Anyone one who has discovered the beauty of this dish can tell you it’s good – but for those from New Zealand, it’s more than just a great plate of food, it’s an art form!

This month, we didn’t want to limit you with one recipe. There are so many ways to prepare, season, and serve Fish and Chips. So this time around, we are going to let the dish speak for itself and provide you with three great links. The first recipe is very old style Kiwi and will bring back great memories for many New Zealanders. The second one adds a little, changes a touch, and substitutes ingredients more readily available in stateside homes. The final recipe will be a favorite amongst our health conscience readers.



Although New Zealand Fish n’ Chips normally include beer in their recipes, there are alternatives that are every bit as satisfying.


When the recipe calls for light beer, use chicken broth, white grape juice or ginger ale instead.


For dark beer, switch to beef broth or mushroom stock. Non-alcoholic beer can also be used. 






To see the recipes, simply click on the headers below: 

Classic Fish and Chips

“What could be better on a hot day than the classic kiwi meal that we all know and love. Battered fish and chips are as kiwi as they come and now you can make them in your own kitchen!” 

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

“Fish & Chips down at the beach is a perennial …..Kiwi favorite. The fish is usually coated in a light, golden batter ………with a side of hot chips or potato scallops covered in salt and vinegar.”

Nadia’s Fish n’ Chips

“Hankering for the amazing taste of fish n’ chips, but trying to steer away from deep fried foods? MasterChef NZ winner, Nadia Lim presents a healthier alternative sure to please” 

The 5 top spots for Fish and Chips are in New Zealand?

Any chance you’re heading to the Land of the Long White Clouds any time soon? Well you may just want to know what their leading paper, the New Zealand Herald, has identified as the top five places to sink your teeth into some delicious Fish and Chips, New Zealand style!

Pictured below is the award winning dish from Oceanz Seafood in Siverdale at Orewa Beach. 

…but be careful. You’re going to get very hungry!

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My name is Nina Jones.  I have lived all across the west coast and traveled even farther, but never dreamed that I would end up in Hawaii.  I am the truest form of a foodie.  I may not be a highly trained chef, but I know whats good. 

I am particularly interested in ethnic foods, and Oahu is especially divergent in it’s offerings.  What a dream come true!