“Everything was going according to plan, until the groom accidentally dropped his wedding ring into the lagoon. Not wanting to ruin the wedding, many of our employees jumped into the water to help look for the ring … but in the murky waters of this fresh mountain-spring-fed lagoon, even the mighty rays from the sun were no help. When evening came, the would-be rescuers were forced to withdraw, and the ring was written off as lost.”
hirata_ogasawara“Then, out of the shadows came two brave warriors from Japan, Yusuke Hirata and Takuya Ogasawara. They could not bring themselves to give up so easily. How could they simply clock out, while the bride-to-be’s happiness sank deeper into the sands at the bottom of the lagoon? They went home after a long day at work and got their snorkeling gear, dive flashlights and fins. They came back after the PCC villages were closed, looking like they were going to go spear fishing, but they were on a different kind of hunt.”

“While 2,500 guests enjoyed our HĀ: Breath of Life evening show, these two brave rescuers ventured into depths (3 feet): They searched. They swam. They dove, braving the bite of tilapia fish and the snapping claws of crawfish, sacrificing their personal safety for people they barely knew.”

“And … they found it! Disaster averted! Another happy ending at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where the (wedding) day was saved by two employees who couldn’t stand to see the bride cry and defined what it means to give your ALL for the PCC.”

jimmy-mapuJimmy Mapu
 is one of our own, and we at the Polynesian Cultural Center are proud to have him!  Jimmy’s official position here may be Manager of Guest Services, but we all know him as “The Govenor of PCC”. Jimmy maintains a steady presence both at the PCC and on-line, through his personal FaceBook page. There’s nothing better than keeping up to date on the occassional post highlighting a special experience with our guests. Keep watching, because we will share our favorites every few months.