PCC Launches E-Commerce Affiliate Program

Within days, if it’s not already up on the Internet, the Polynesian Cultural Center will launch it’s new, first-ever e-commerce affiliate program that will enable participating website publishers to earn PCC commissions.

As with similar programs, Internet website affiliates display and promote links to PCC websites and, if a customer clicking through one of those links makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission on the sale. mooso_arthur041515We’re pushing both polynesia.com — our main website, and shop.polynesia.com — our online retail gift shop site,” said PCC Digital commerce intern Arthur Mooso, who has been working on the new program since its inception.

Mooso, who is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but has Hawaii roots, explained that the Center is working with CJ Affiliate Network, “a network provider, which allows us to contract with website publishers who want to join our affiliate program. Once approved, they receive access to creative PCC web elements — such as banners, text links, and other promotional advertising — they can put on their websites.

Mooso said interested website publishers start “by joining the CJ Affiliate Network and creating a publisher account. This only takes about 20 minutes. Then they sign up on our website, and after we determine if their websites can appropriately represent the PCC, we give them access to the promotional graphics and links.

He said the PCC is looking for affiliates who are promoting travel to Hawaii, and in keeping with PCC values, don’t include references to alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or pornography, etc. 

“The Cultural Center offers a 7% commission rate, and a high average order value. Participating website publishers stand to do very well with our new program.” For example, he said some travel industry companies only offer a 2% commission rate on affiliate sales.

“This is a great affiliate program,” said Mooso, who graduated from BYU-Hawaii on April 18th with a business management degree, and joined the Center as a fulltime marketing employee the following week.

“Participating in the internship was an awesome experience,” he said. I learned so much working at the PCC. It definitely was challenging. Learning these things on the go and applying them was probably harder than any class I took; and to come to work fulltime for the PCC is a dream come true.”

mike_foleyMike Foley, who has worked off-and-on

at the Polynesian Cultural Center since

1968,  has been a full-time freelance

writer and digital media specialist since

2002, and had a long career in marketing

communications and PR before that. He

learned to speak fluent Samoan as a

Mormon missionary before moving to Laie

in 1967 — still does, and he has traveled

extensively over the years throughout

Polynesia and other Pacific islands. Foley

is mostly retired now, but continues to

contribute to various PCC and other media.