A proper Hawaiian Lūʻau is clearly the top adventure for most people visiting our island. They are looking for a place where they can enjoy the sights, tastes, sounds and yes – the thrill of the islands. Lūʻau on Oahu tend to offer similar menus and you’re definitely going to see the hula, but you won’t get the same amenities with every luau package. So which one is the right pick for you? 

We’ve done the homework for you with the following outline of the most popular lūʻaus on Oahu, including the costs (as of April 2023, so please check websites for updates) and the general list of amenities for each of them. We’ve even made sure that each listing is linked to their official website. We hope this helps you with the planning of your amazing Hawaiian vacation!


The Aliʻi Lūʻau at the Polynesian Cultural Center


Polynesian Cultural Center luau


Website description: The Polynesian Cultural Center is the #1 paid attraction on Oahu. Our award winning lūʻau served in an elegant island setting, upgraded Hawaiian inspired cuisine, music and entertainment is just one part of your day. By purchasing one of our ticket packages, you also have full access to our 6 island villages representing Hawaii, Aotearoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga and Samoa, hands-on activities for children and adults, demonstrations, exhibits, musical and dance presentations, shops, food and so much more. In the evening you are treated to our spectacular show “HĀ: Breath of Life” with special effects, a cast of over 100 Polynesian performers, and some of the most skilled fireknife dancers on the island. It’s a full day of fun, cultural and excitement.

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12:45pm-6pm. Closed Wednesdays (except for high season) and Sundays  


Pricing :

Adult Child (4-11)
Super Ambassador $269.95 $215.96
Ali’i lūʻau $189.95 $155.96

*10% discount when booking 10 days or before visit

Click here for a description of the various ticket package


Things to consider:

  • Free 3-day admission to the Polynesian Cultural Center (includes recreated Polynesian villages with unique cultural presentations and interactive activities, canoe rides, dance and ukulele lessons, and much more.)
  • Situated on the North Shore of Oahu – the Center is about a 75-minute drive from Honolulu
  • Lūʻau venues are covered, so can be held no matter the weather
  • Upgraded menu in a beautiful setting
  • Transportation is available for $26-$75, depending on package
  • Our spectacular evening show HĀ: Breath of Life, is included in most ticket packages
  • No alcohol served

Ka Wa`a at Aulani


Aulani luau


Website description:  Join us for an unforgettable evening of family entertainment as only Disney can offer. Experience an exhilarating and enchanting journey through Hawaiian history—and discover its deep cultural roots in canoe (waʻa) exploration, which brought the first ancient explorers to the shores of Ko Olina.

lūʻau @ 5pm. Approximately 3 hours. Performances are held on select nights, weather permitting. Check website for schedule.



Adult Child (3 – 9)
Lūʻau Preferred $204 $124
General $175 $104


Things to consider:

  • Smaller, more intimate venue
  • Hawaiian-focused cultural presentations
  • 30 min drive from Honolulu
  • Could cancel for weather or private functions
  • No transportation available

Paradise Cove at Ko Olina


Paradise Cove luau


Website description: Celebrating the culture and history of our island home, Paradise Cove has always taken great care to preserve the special qualities that make Hawaii so unique. Each of our luau packages are designed to give our guests an authentic Hawaiian experience. From the exciting daytime activities, to the delicious food and our spectacular Hawaiian Revue.

Open Monday-Sunday, Lūʻau @ 4pm



Adult Youth (13-20) Child (4-12)
Deluxe Lūʻau
$230 $200 $175
Orchid Lūʻau $165 $150 $120
Hawaiian :Lūʻau $140 $115 $100


Things to consider:

  • Outdoor beach venue with sunset views
  • Participate in a Hukilau (traditional Hawaiian fishing) and other cultural demonstrations
  • The only 7 day/week lūʻau on Oahu
  • 30 min from Honolulu
  • Transportation for $35
  • Can be cancelled due to weather

Germaine’s Luau


Germaines luau


Website description: Take in the rich cultural heritage of the pacific islands. Enjoy the spectacular Polynesian show delivered to you at the ocean’s edge, under the stars and palm trees. Be touched by the magic of ancient Hawaii and all its splendor. Feel the spirit of Aloha, experience a Backyard-style Hawaiian Luau and discover why Germaine’s Luau is “too good to miss.” 


Open Tuesday-Sunday, Lūʻau @ 5:30pm



Adult Youth (13-20) Child (4-12)
Plumeria Lūʻau $190 $165 $165
The Original Lūʻau $150 $130 $110

*10% discount when booking 10 days or before visit

Things to consider:

  • Outdoor beach venue with sunset views
  • 40 min drive from Honolulu
  • Casual atmosphere
  • On-site parking $5
  • Transportation for $35
  • Can be cancelled due to weather
  • Subject to change without notice


Waikiki Starlight at the Hilton


Waikiki Starlight luau


Website description: Discover Hawai`i’s diverse array of culinary influences in an incredible rooftop setting. Activities include live music, energetic and beautiful dances, skilled performance of our 4 acrobatic fire knife dancers, all in unique outdoor setting with resort-quality dining.

Open Sunday-Thursday, Lūʻau @ 5:00pm



Adult Child (4-11)
Diamond Premier Seating $225 $160
Golden Circle Premier Seating $185 $120
Military $157.25 $102


Things to consider:

  • In Waikiki
  • Outdoor venue with sweeping view of the ocean
  • Known for their upgraded buffet selections
  • Can be cancelled due to weather
  • Open 5 nights per week


Aha`aina Royal Hawaiian


Royal Hawaiian luau


Website description: Before ‘luaus’ there were ‘Aha‘aina’—a feast of food, mele (song) and hula. In ancient times the Hawaiian people came together to celebrate momentous occasions, these gatherings were called ‘Aha‘aina (which translates to gathering for a meal). The Royal Hawaiian is located on sacred grounds and we have created a modern, yet timeless Aha ‘Aina to honor the land’s majestic history through food, song, stories, hula, and culture—a true celebration of The Royal and its heritage.


Open Monday and Thursday @ 5pm



Adult Child (5-12) Young Child (2 – 4)
Premium Dinner Show $250 $135 $20
Standard Dinner Show $225 $135 $20


Things to consider:

  • Ocean front dining
  • Fashion show
  • Hawaiian-centered presentations
  • In Honolulu
  • Can be cancelled due to weather
  • Only open Mondays and Thursdays


Chief’s Luau


Chief's luau


Website description: Join the chief and his ohana (family) for an amazing evening of Polynesian culture and fun. Produced by Chief Sielu Avea, the original world champion fire-knife dancer and widely regarded as the best and funniest Polynesian entertainer in the South Pacific. Come and join Chief Sielu and his ohana (family) for an evening and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Islands. Sink your teeth into a sumptuous blend of traditional lūʻau foods blended with Hawaiian regional cuisine and enjoy a thrilling Polynesian show.

Open Sunday-Monday, Wednesday-Friday. Saturdays are available March through August – Lūʻau @ 5pm



Adult Youth (13-20) Child (5-12)
Royal Experience $215 $180 $170
Paradise Experience $170 $150 $120
Aloha Experience $135 $110 $95


Things to consider:

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild park location
  • Open 5 nights per week (Saturdays during high season)
  • 40 min from Honolulu
  • Transportation for $18
  • Can be cancelled due to weather



Toa Luau


Toa Luau


Description: Toa Luau, an intimate luau on Oahu’s North Shore. Waimea Valley is an area that has historic and cultural significance to the Native Hawaiians featuring a botanical garden and small waterfall. Toa Luau is set in this beautiful piece of Hawaii and maintains its long cultural history with an authentic, intimate luau night show. The night begins with various cultural activities and demonstrations that are interactive and family friendly. Dinner is served, including traditional Hawaiian food alongside local favorites, followed by spectacular dancing, including hula and fire knife show!


Open Monday-Wednesday, and Friday – 2 showings per day @ 12:30pm and 5pm



Adult Child (5-12)
VIP $175 $145
Gold $145 $125
Silver $115 $95

* 10% off coupon when you join mailing list

Things to consider:

  • Waimea Valley day admission except for Monday
  • Kava ceremony
  • Free drinks
  • Interactive activities and cultural demos
  • Can be cancelled due to weather
  • One-hour drive from Honolulu


Quick Compare (Updated 2023)

Want just the facts? This chart provides a quick overview of the important elements you’re looking for:

Luau Package price Days/Times Transportation Noteworthy Amenities
The Aliʻi Lūʻau at the Polynesian Cultural Center $155.96-$269.95 Mon-Sat, Villages open @ 12:45pm, luau @ 5pm Transportation and circle island tour upgrades available Upscale menu, this luau includes all day admission to Island Villages and tickets to our award winning evening show
Ka Wa`a at Aulani $104-$204 Sporadic @ 5pm N/A Hawaiian-centered entertainment in a Disney resort setting
Paradise Cove $100-$230 Everyday @ 5pm +$35 Experience a hukilau and sunset on the beach
Germaines $110-$190 Tues-Su @ 5:30pm +$35 Backyard-style on beach front property
Waikiki Starlight $102-$225 Su-Thurs @ 5pm N/A Heart of Waikiki location, resort level dining
Royal Hawaiian $20-$250 Mon, Thurs @ 5pm N/A Fashion show, Hawaiian-centered, kapa making, Waikiki location
Chief’s Luau $95-$215 Su,Mo, Wed-Fri @ 5pm +$18 Popular luau based at Wet & Wild
Tua Loa $75-$155 Mon-Wed activities @4, luau @5pm N/A Waimea Valley day admission, intimate hands-on experience, kava ceremony



Rebecca Sabalones


Rebecca Sabalones is a published writer and editor from Indiana. She graduated with a B.A. in Cultural Communications from Brigham Young University–Hawaii, worked as a multi-media journalist and editor-in-chief for Ke Alaka’i, taught English in Taiwan, and worked as a copy editor for The Daily Herald. The islands called her back to Hawaii where she has been occupied with sales and marketing for the Polynesian Cultural Center.