Skating the North Shore is a long-standing tradition

Have you brought your skateboard to the island and are itching to use it? If you are on the North Shore, look no further than Banzai Skatepark! This park is
one the most known on the island and (unfortunately) one of the only ones on the north side. Located in Pupukea across from the
Banzai Pipeline surf break, there couldn’t be a better spot to gather up your friends and get a good skate (and surf) session in! 

Whether you prefer street, transitional, or pool riding, this park has it divided into three distinct sections. No matter your skill or your preferences, this park will have something to offer you. My personal favorite feature is the ledges in the street section which are perfect for anybody wishing to learn slides or grinds. Other cool features include rails, tombstones, an island, regular coping, pool coping, and much more. If you are interested in scouting it out before you go, check out northwestskater’s website to get an idea of what it looks like! 


photo showing the large skatepark on the north shore of Oahu

Banzai Skatepark has local vibes in both its design and users


Skating at the Banzai is all about community

One of the best things about the park is the sense of community. Speaking from experience, everybody is truly just there to have a good time. The atmosphere is very inviting because the skaters are friendly and non-judgmental. When you land a new trick, people will celebrate with you. They will even offer advice if you ask (or if you don’t). This park is special because this sort of friendly behavior is honestly not the norm in many places. 


image of young skaters at Ekuhai Skate Park

Come ready to share the aloha spirit


Montes has your back!

If you are unlucky enough to break a board, or just looking to buy a new part or complete set, go ahead and shop at the Skate Supply van! A local skater, Noah Montes, a local skater, runs this pop-up shop out of his van and always comes prepared with plenty of decks, trucks, bearings, bolts, wheels, and grip tape to sell. I can vouch for this business as I purchased my last complete board from him. It has held up longer than most of my setups and I am totally going back to him for my next board! 


A local skate enthusiast runs a skate supply mobile van for the local skaters

No worries if a part breaks, just look for the “Skate Supply” van that’s usually nearby


If you get the munchies!

If you are like me and you get hungry after skating a while, make sure to check out the many delicious places to eat nearby! One of my favorite spots is Seven Brothers, famous for their unique and delicious burgers. If you are still bursting with energy, consider hiking one of the beautiful trails in the area.  


photo overlooking Ekuhai Beach (Bonzai Pipeline) from the Lanikai Pillbox

View from Ekuhai (Lanikai) Pillbox – courtesy of Alyssa Amasol from Honolulu Magazine



photo of blog writer Ethan Eddington

About the Author: My name is Ethan Eddington, and I am a student at BYU-Hawaii studying accounting. I am 22 years old and am currently a junior looking to graduate in the next 1-2 years. I love to skate (of course), hike, play volleyball, and go to the beach when I am not at the library studying. I am originally from Portland, Oregon but feel extremely lucky to go to school here on Oahu!