Wednesday, May 8 – Saturday, May 11th at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Competitors and fans from all over the world flock to the Polynesian Cultural Center once a year to see the World Fireknife Competition and the We Are Samoa festival. Ticket information and schedules for our  2019 competition are now available at! Heart-pounding action, top level competitors, and fire! Four nights and one amazing day of activities. You don’t wan’t to miss this, and now, with livestreaming, you’ll never have to! 

This year is especially exciting with the reintroduction of the Women’s Competition starting Wednesday, May 8.

What is a fireknife?

Hale Motu'apuaka

Hale Motu’apuaka, 18, from Aiea, Oahu: 2018 World Fireknife Champion

Think of a knife on both ends of a long stick. Imagine someone picking it up and spinning that around, throwing it, catching it. Now, imagine all of that with the knives are on fire. There you have a basic idea of what the competition is all about. Our performers and competitors train years on end to perfect their routines, focusing on skill, agility and diligence. During the competition, these talents are on full display in a spectacular show.

The history of the fireknife is less than 100 year old., Read more about that here.

The World Fireknife competition was first held here at the Polynesian Cultural Center in 1993. Click here for a full history.

How to view our competition schedule

1. Go to our home site

2. Click “Schedule” on the top navigation bar, it’s all there, every exciting moment.!


How to buy World Fireknife Competition tickets

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to Tickets


3. Browse ticket options (to view schedule, click on “Schedule” in the top navigation bar)

4. Call (800) 293-3333 to buy tickets via phone


Want more? You can also attend “We Are Samoa” festival!

ILH in the We Are Samoa Festival

The ILH Poly clubs group

Learn about the unusual and exciting We Are Samoa high school festival, held Saturday morning, May 11. Click here for more information.

Can’t attend but really want to be a part of the action?

We now Live Stream the event! Check out the “Schedule” and then head on over when the competition starts.


Rebecca Sabalones


Rebecca Sabalones is a published writer and editor from Indiana. She graduated with a B.A. in Cultural Communications from Brigham Young University–Hawaii, worked as a multi-media journalist and editor-in-chief for Ke Alaka’i, taught English in Taiwan, and worked as a copy editor for The Daily Herald. The islands called her back to Hawaii where she has been occupied with sales and marketing for the Polynesian Cultural Center.