Due to ever changing COVID-19 State of Hawaii restrictions, these Exclusive Tickets are subject to change or cancellation. The Center will contact ticket holders if any changes are necessary. There is no penalty or fee for changing your reservation due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our current status will always be displayed in the top bar at our website, polynesia.com

Due to continued cases of COVID-19 being reported here in Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center has reschedule their full opening to April 24, 2021. All updates have been noted in this blog.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Reunite, reconnect and rejoice  

Exclusive tickets for guests from January 18 until April 22, 2021! The Polynesian Cultural Center is offering guests the unique opportunity to experience Aloha in a relaxed, festive atmosphere. Enjoy a smaller group experience with newly enhanced safety and sanitation standards. Entry to the Center during this time period will be limited, providing your family with a relaxed and safety conscious opportunity to experience the beautiful cultures of Polynesia.

Please be aware that masks are required by the State of Hawaii at all times both indoor and out-of-doors, except in specifically designated dining areas. You are also asked to help maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from other guests or staff. For your comfort, there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the Center. Finally, if you show any signs of illness, please rebook your reservation for another day. Click here to view our Health & Safety webpage for further information.

Adjusted Hours of Operation

From January 18 – February 27 of 2021, the Center will be open from 3:45 pm thru 9:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (closed Sunday and Wednesday, plus Christmas and New Years) and will offer an Exclusive Alii Luau & HA Show ticket package, which includes the following:

  • A  visit to our Samoan Village experience which will offer a number of activities and demonstrations;
  • Our award winning Alii Luau Buffet with live entertainment; and
  • Front section seating at our spectacular evening show, HA: Breath of Life.


The Hukilau Marketplace will also have an adjusted schedule:

  • The stores at the Marketplace will be open from 11a – 7:30p
  • Pounders Restaurant is open from 11a – 8:30p and will be open Monday – Saturday, closed Sunday, Christmas and New Years.
  • The food trucks and the souvenir and food kiosks are independent operators and select their own hours. Click here to learn more….

All this with one ticket

Visit an authentically recreated Samoan Village, where you can:

  • Attend a 4:00p cultural presentation (if you miss that one, there is another one at 4:30p);
  • Tour an authentic Samoan garden to learn about traditional crops and farming methods;
  • Participate in hands-on activities, such as fire making, weaving and performing a fireknife dance (don’t worry, Mom, your family practices with a solid stick…no fire);
  • Watch one of our Samoan villagers climb over 30 feet up a very tall coconut tree;
  • Take a relaxing canoe tour along our expansive lagoon.

You choose which activities you want to attend. Village gate opens at 3:45p, so we suggest you arrive early!


Samoan man starting fire with two hibiscus sticks and coconut husks at the Polynesian Cultural Center - Exclusive ticketing available January and February 2021.

Village activities will include a fire making demonstration

Enjoy the best luau experience on the island

At 5:00 pm we will present our Alii Luau Buffet with live entertainment, winner of the Kahili Award for Most Authentic Luau. Along with our sumptuous buffet, you will be treated to an extended live performance of Onipaa a musical celebration of Queen Liliuokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawaii. Seating opens at 4:45p.


Buffet line at the Alli Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Exclusive ticketing available January and February 2021.

A number of local dishes, along with some popular Asian and American dishes, are served at the Polynesian Cultural Center

End your day at our award winning presentation of HA: Breath of Life

Finally, head to the Pacific Theater, our large, covered amphitheater with a dramatic three-story backdrop of waterfalls, native plants and an explosive volcano to be captivated and energized by our spectacular evening show, HA: Breath of LifeSeating opens at 7p and the show starts promptly at 7:30p.

Our evening show, “HA: Breath of Life” is a beautiful story of love, death, family and duty featuring Polynesian fireknife dancers, firewalkers, dancers and performers. 

Purchase now! Tickets for Jan – April, 2021 are limited

There will be a limited number of available exclusive tickets during this 4-month period. Make your reservations at 800 367-7060 toll-free/808 293-3333 local, or purchase your tickets online at www.polynesia.com to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Enjoy a smaller group experience with newly enhanced safety and sanitation standards, providing your family with a relaxed, and safety conscious evening exploring the beautiful cultures of Polynesia.


Kap Tafiti poses with food while wearing a mask at the Hukilau Marketplace

Kap Teo-Tafiti reminds us that masks are required at all times within the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Hukilau Marketplace.

Come early and enjoy the Hukilau Marketplace

Find a number of specialized food trucks and the popular Pounders Restaurant. Visit our numerous shops which offers aloha wear, jewelry, home décor, souvenirs, and don’t miss the Ukulele Experience, showcasing a wide range of instruments and accessories PLUS a free lesson to get you started!

The Polynesian Cultural Center looks forward to greeting you in 2021!

Please note:


Reopening plans announced for the Polynesian Cultural Center in April, 2021